God Himself has chosen this place in North India to show His power, mercy and love through the incredible miracles being performed here by the power of His word and His Spirit.

"JEEVAN DHAM"- as is the name being given by Him (It's in Hindi language) meaning the 'centre of life', is operating in Faridabad, Haryana, North India.
Note: These maps will give you an approximate location only. They are not complete in details and are not made to the scale.
   God Himself is guiding His children and bringing His people closer to Him here itself in strong faith through His incredible miracles, the same miracles that were performed by Jesus 2000 years back during his public ministry. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was sent on earth by his Heavenly Father for us sinners as a poor & a humble man to save us from sins, to free us from the clutches of evil, superstitions and the slavery of sin by sacrificing His own life on the Cross. This Word of God is getting fulfilled here, which was true at the time of Jesus too-

"The blind can see, the lame can walk, those who suffer from dreaded skin-diseases are made clean, the deaf hear, the dead are brought back to life, and the Good News is preached to the poor." (Matthew 11:5)

  "What no eye has seen and no ear has heard, what the mind of man cannot visualize; all that God has prepared for those who love Him, to us, though, God has given revelation through the Spirit, for the Spirit explores the depths of everything, even the depths of God." (1Corinthians 2:9-10)

   Since 1986, the family's residence- House no.696/ Sector-22, Fbd. had been a Mass Center, where on every Sunday evening Mass was offered by the Parish Priest of Sec-5, St. Joseph's Parish, Faridabad and catholic believers of the locality and of the nearby sectors use to come here to participate in the Holy Mass offered here. At that time the Fr.Arnold David was the Parish Priest. The prayer started actually five years later, that is, in April 1991, after Fr. Matthew Naikamparambil and his team had arrived at Faridabad and had conducted a five-day retreat in St. Anthony's Convent School, Sec-9, Fbd. where Mrs.Mani (The housewife) was one of the main volunteers.

    After this retreat, during the volunteers' meeting, Father Matthew announced that Almighty God is blessing two persons, named Pavunni and Mariyam (Baptism name of Mrs. Mani); they will get the spiritual gift of getting the answers to their problems and questions from the Bible (i.e. God will answer them) and Mariyam will get apparitions from God (Romans 9:15). At that time there was a little confusion over which Mariyam did actually get this gift. There were about seven small prayer groups working altogether at that time in Faridabad and 'Charismatic prayer' was the matter of great concern and appeal and at the time was creating a new revolution in Faridabad. Then the couple went to Father Matthew and said that they needed their daily food for the soul, that is, the Word of God besides, Wisdom and Understanding (St.John 6:35, 63). Father replied that he will pray for the same and soon his prayers were answered when Mr. Apachchan Kutty along with his team (including Sr. Felicia and Sr. Elsy) came to conduct five-day Bible classes somewhere in Defence Colony, New Delhi. The couple attended these classes. On the fourth day, during counseling, they were informed about their vocation from God to do His work and Sr.Elsy said to Mrs. Mani that Jesus is calling her for His work and they got the Bible verses from the gospel of St.Matthew 8:14-22, which clearly meant that they got the power to heal and to work miracles as a spiritual gift from the Supreme God. Further, they suggested Mrs. Mani to go to Divine Retreat Centre, Kerala and attend the five-day continuous retreat there for further clarification, encouragement and confirmation through counseling, to get more blessings and to understand God's plans for her. Consequently, she did so in the same year (1991) during the summer vacations (in the month of May-June) and there again she met Sr. Elsy and Fr. Matthew. Sr. Elsy on counseling saw the God's plan for her - It was to start a prayer group in North India, where they live and keep fast one day a week. On the way back, miraculously, she experienced God's presence with her and the truth of the foretold blessings that she had received when she had prayed along with those present there for a young teenager boy (one of the catholics living in the neighbourhood back at home) and his high fever went off within minutes and she got the verses after praying for him - James 5:13-15. God answered their humble prayer (St. John 15:16, Rom 10:11).
    Then the family started praying daily morning (prayers including praying the rosary, praising God and intercessory prayer) here at their residence. They started their first community small prayer following the Holy Mass on July 6, 1991, Sunday evening in Malayalam with few of the active charismatic members (Thus on July 6, 2002 Jeevan Dham completed its 11 precious years). Seeing this and listening to their prayers, few catholics living nearby (5-6) too joined them. Then, naturally the neighbours living nearby heard their loud voices praising God and praying fervently to Him, came to know about it and heard about some unheard incredible miracles performed here by God. With curiosity and little faith they to joined them in prayer. Henceforth, for their convenience the prayer was then kept in Hindi.
    As instructed during counseling, they decided to keep the day of fasting as Friday. But fasting should be accompanied with prayer (St. Mark 9:29) and good deeds. Then a Brahmin lady (Warrier family), who was suffering from fits everyday and who used to take many tablets a day, on hearing about this prayer, came here out of her inquisitiveness and started praying to get rid of this irrepresible & maddening disease. Fortunately, after some days she left her medicine and then later was completely cured. This influential and unheard, outstanding miracle along with some others were awe-inspiring and created a stir and anxiety among those living in the locality and developed an atmosphere of sheer faith and respect. Within one year, that is, in 1992, they started their morning prayer on Friday for all believers from 9:00a.m. onwards so that those who came to attend the prayer from faraway places also could reach back their home safely in broad daylight. Then slowly and slowly, more people joined their prayer, especially on Friday mornings and Sunday evenings and mind that these people were not Christians at all, as a matter of fact, but their faith in God, through Lord Jesus Christ and in Mother Mary was many times stronger than those who were already Christians. And God saved them and heard their prayers and even called them from their home personally through visions to make them His own people, His own dear children (Romans 9:25-26; 10:13).
    Gradually, with the increase in the number of miracles, cures and blessings, the number of believers too increased. As a result, on Fridays those who came to join the prayer were seated jam-packed in the verandah, and from there to the street in front and within 6 years the whole street in front of the house and the park was overcrowding with people blocking the entire road and hence the street every Friday from 9:00 a.m. onwards till 2p.m. Tents were put up on the whole street and loudspeakers were used for the people to hear the preaching of the Word of God, the prayers, praises, witnesses and miracles. As Mrs. Mani used to preach from within the first room (dedicated as a church and not used for any personal use) of their residence, people used to rush soon after the prayer ends in the afternoon towards the gate of the house to get blessings (just her hand on their heads), to tell her about their problems and illnesses and some even just to get a glimpse of her who was addressed as 'Mata Ji or Behan Ji or Didi' to whom they had been listening to till the afternoon from the early morning. People of all ages, no matter of what religion, caste, creed, speaking whatever language, came here to join in the prayer and never went away empty-handed from here. They got some or the other blessing from God and everyone in that atmosphere experienced the Supreme Power of God. With faith, they used to bring water and oil to get them blessed so that they may be healed on using them or applying them. And this was certainly true because many witnesses mentioned about it out of their own experience and faith.
main reasons why so many people were attracted towards this prayer and had an unwavering faith in God through Jeevan Dham (This name was itself given by God through vision for this prayer group, meaning the Center or the Source of Life) were - first of all, the believers got the blessings and experienced miraculuous healings from God for free just by sheer faith (Romans 10:9-10), without paying anything to God (no offering, gift or sacrifice) or to anyone else financially or materialistically, because God just wanted their devoted mind and their sincere heart. Mrs.Mani was completing her role for them as a channel of grace, mercy & love from God. She prayed for all of them and God answered her prayers and showered His blessings on them through His humble, loving servant. God was certainly present there all the time (St. Mark 16:20) and He made known His plans and His will, unfolded the mysteries of the Kingdom of God through many holy, unforgettable, wonderful, inexplicable, stunning and awe-inspiring visions and revelations and through His Word from the Holy Bible. Even before knowing anything about anyone, God reveals their problems, illnesses, weaknesses, sins, mistakes, the past, present and future and the blessings given to them and makes them understand this, and any important thing or incident relevant to them through visions because God knows everything about everyone and nothing is hidden from Him. He is an omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient Living God.(Sirach 23:19-20; 42:18-20). Second thing that was important was that no one was converted to Christianity here; what God wanted was the conversion of heart and soul, and ultimately to save the life of a person and that was surely happening to all those who came here. And finally the third most important thing was that it was the Working of the Holy Spirit of God, which provided healings, blessings, peace, love, wisdom, visions, strength, consolation, encouragement etc. to all through the Word of God. Nothing happening here was done by a human mind or involved any magic, which is limited by magnitude, place and time, and which cannot perform such extra-ordinary things that were totally impossible for any man living on earth. These were the divine blessings coming directly from God who sits on His throne in heaven.(St. Luke 18:27) Even the dead were brought back to life here three-four times only through prayer and faith.

   At last, in 1997, that is, after the completion of the six years of the prayer group, the place became very congested on Fridays for all to be contained within, the street being fully packed to an extent that people had to be accommodated on the roofs. This created an inconvenience for the neighbours too for their own movements in and out of their residences, and for the parking of their vehicles. They used to park their vehicles outside early in the morning henceforth to avoid their inconvenience in going out for work. To provide adequate space for the crowds, the Carmel School, which was close to it offered its building ground on the request of the Most Rev. Aux. Bishop Vincent M. Concessao. His Lordship, Bishop Vincent had visited the place thrice previously and had understood the problem they were having to accommodate people, especially once when he came on Friday when it was raining, the believers were sitting in the rain unperturbed showing no sign of uneasiness with their umbrellas opened & were listening devoutedly to His Sermon. For three Sundays starting from March 14, 1997, the prayer session was kept there on Sunday. But later, due to some inconvenience, the prayer venue was again shifted from there to St. Anthony's school in Sector 9, Faridabad in the month of April 1997. People started coming there to join in the prayer service, and a bus service was also provided later on for the sick, the poor and the needy who don't have any means of conveyance to reach there on Sundays.

   Today, anywhere between 5000 and 6000 people gather every Sunday to listen to God's Word and spend time in prayer of praise and thanksgiving and for healing - one can easily say that about 98% are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs etc. This has become a place where the dumb and deaf, who have never spoken or heard a word since they were born get healed and start talking and praising God saying "Allelluia"(A Hebrew word for praising God a thousand times); where the lame start walking, where those who were bedridden stand up on their own, where those walking with the help of crutches or sticks walk without that; where those suffering from dreaded skin-diseases like Eczema, leprosy, white spots and from different allergies are cured completely; where broken families come and then get together, and start living together under one roof in love and peace, with respect, care and understanding for each other; where those suffering from diseases like Cancer - Blood cancer, Bone cancer, Lung cancer or having any other cancerous growths or tumours(like Brain Tumour), T.B., diabetes, AIDS or any other unknown fatal diseases get cured without taking any medicine or having done any operation or surgery; and where the alcoholics, drug addicts, chain-smokers leave all their long-time addictions and other bad habits and live a life pleasing to God, free from all slavery of sin and addictions.
    The massive healing (physical, mental and spiritual) that takes place every Sunday during the prayer has been drawing people from all sections of the society coming from the neighbouring cities and states. Many of them have understood through these miracles, healings, visions and revelations, that they get while praying and praising God, and by listening to the Word of God about the one, true, living and loving God, his commands and his plans for them. God has opened their minds and eyes and now they acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah and Lord with a firm and unwavering faith, which is not seen today in their contemporary Christian brothers also. They read the Bible, they have faith in Jesus to such an extent that they are very many times instrumental in bringing other people, may be their relatives or neighbours or those they are in touch with who are in need of God's help, to listen to God's Word and experience healing. Most of them are the poor and the needy and they have bicycles, auto-rickshaws, trolleys, tempos and trucks as their mode of conveyance.

   Writing down all the miracles happening here that have happened here right back from 1991 when this organisation had started till now from this point onwards, it will never finish because we ourselves have not recorded them all and as humans are unaware of many and also are unable to record all of these abundant blessings, healings and miracles which God has performed here for His children completely and comprehensively. This is because it is God who provides them with what they need, it is God Himself who heals and cures them of their diseases, who forgives their sins, who gives them revelations and inexplicable and wonderful visions, who helps them in their difficulties and protects them from any natural catastrophe, disease or accident - and this is God's true love for them. And in whatever way and how much we praise Him, it is just like a drop of water in the sea, like a grain of sand in the seashore. He has chosen this place and time and people to show His power, mercy, divinity, love, forgiveness and affection so that we and all who come here may believe strongly in Him, entrust everything we have, follow Him, His way, His Word and His commands and may put this in our life and give Him the first place in our heart, may welcome Him into our lives so that we may be led by his Holy Spirit and may fulfill His wish and His plans set for us. You must believe this because this is from no one else but God and only He can do it and nothing is impossible for Him.

"For there is nothing that God cannot do." (St.Luke 1:37).

Our Publications:  
  To make others know about the miracles happening here, a monthly newsletter was published for the people named "Divya-Jyoti"(meaning The Divine Light)(St.John 8:12). This newsletter, "Divya-Jyoti", was first published in Malayalam, on December 1995. Six months later, on August 15, 1996, the first Hindi edition of "Divya Jyoti" was published. "DIVYA-JYOTI" (a name given by God & made known by visions) includes some of the important and incredible witnesses who have experienced the power and love of God through their healings & visions. Apart from these, this newsletter has articles wholly based on the Holy Bible and some parables taken from the gospels. Now, we have been publishing this in Hindi (the most common spoken language of the masses) for the past six years and we distribute it all for free.We have published one prayer book named by God as "NAYA JEEVAN"(New Life) and written with the grace and blessings of His Holy Spirit, which consists of prayers including the daily prayer, rosary, novena, few hymns, quotes from the Bible, the rosary of divine mercy & divine praises. Then we have a devotional hymn book named "JEEVAN DHAM KE PHOOL"(The Beautiful Flowers of Jeevan Dham) that has the beautiful and devotional hymns written and composed here through God's grace. Singing them brings joy & peace to our heart that we can get nowhere these days. We will forget all our worries, needs, illnesses and pains and God will cure us or reveal us His benign presence through different signs, by letting us hear his divine voice or be blessed to see invaluable, divine visions and revelations.
From this book, we had selected few songs and had launched our first music cassette - ' JEEVAN DHAM KE PHOOL', Vol-1, all songs sung by Mrs.Mani herself on the occasion of the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Jeevan Dham on July 6, 2001.

   Many believers who come here seeking peace, joy, satisfaction, physical and spiritual healing and other basic needs are very poor, some are those who because of their illness are living a life in isolation, completely detached from the society, some have spent all they had earned on the treatments of their diseases, and some have run into bad debt too. Then, many of these described and others are illiterate, who have never gone to school even once in their life. But God is merciful and great! He is the Universal Teacher who has fulfilled their wishes too and given many of these uneducated the knowledge & wisdom to read His Word and prayers. He has quenched their thirst for His Word. Praise the Lord! He provides with everything to those who come to Him and ask from Him in His name with faith.

"I am telling you the truth: whoever believes in me will do what I do - yes, he will do even greater things, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask for in my name, so that the Father's glory will be shown through the Son. If you ask me for anything in my name, I will do it." (St. John 14:12-14)

"He who comes to me will never be hungry; he who believes in me will never be thirsty."
(St. John 6:35)

Praise the Lord! Allelluia!

        "May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you."